Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Jan Železný Czech Republic Czech Republic 16/6/1966 98.48m 1
Johannes Vetter Germany Germany 26/3/1993 94.44m 5
Thomas Röhler Germany Germany 30/9/1991 93.9m 8
Aki Parviainen Finland Finland 26/10/1974 93.09m 1
Julius Yego Kenya Kenya 4/1/1989 92.72m 1
Andreas Hofmann Germany Germany 16/12/1991 92.06m 10
Seppo Räty Finland Finland 27/4/1962 90.6m 1
Keshorn Walcott Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 2/4/1993 90.16m 1
Jakub Vadlejch Czech Republic Czech Republic 10/10/1990 89.73m 2
Antti Ruuskanen Finland Finland 21/2/1984 88.98m 1
Magnus Kirt Estonia Estonia 10/4/1990 88.73m 5
Vítězslav Veselý Czech Republic Czech Republic 27/2/1983 88.34m 1
Petr Frydrych Czech Republic Czech Republic 13/1/1988 88.32m 1
Julian Weber Germany Germany 29/8/1994 88.29m 5
Marcin Krukowski Poland Poland 14/6/1992 88.09m 3
Neeraj Chopra India India 24/12/1997 87.43m 5
Andrian Mardare Moldova Moldova 20/6/1995 84.43m 1
Gatis Čakšs Latvia Latvia 12/6/1995 83.89m 2

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