Shot Put team Europe - how strong they are?

Shot Put team Europe - how strong they are?

The European Athletics Championships 2018 is behind us and that's why we know the European team for the Continental Cup 2018. Michal Haratyk and yes, you are reading it right the bronze medalist Tomas Stanek.

The qualification rule is simple. Golden and silver medalist from the past European Championships has the right to represent Europe at the Continental Cup. However, Czech Republic is the host country and therefore has the right to nominate 3 more people into team Europe. And one of them is Tomas Stanek who will replace Konrad Bukowiecki. Which is quite convenient because apparently two people from the same country are not allowed. And today we will look how those two are doing in the weightroom!

First things first: Bench-press!!!

Tomas Stanek 250kg bench-press in preparation to European Championships 2018

We were unable to find an actual performace of Michal Haratyk on bench press. But the word of mouth is that his PR is well above 200kg. If you have anymore information please let us know!

Winner: Stanek

Part two: Squats!!!

Tomas Stanek 3x235kg. Which is let us make an educated assumption about his PR being around 250kg

Michal Haratyk has no problem dealing with 270kg for squat. We can only guess where his true potential might be.

Winner: Haratyk

The final chapter: Olympic lifts.

Each thrower has a preference. What is better and what they like better. Clean or snatch?

Stanek fairly convincingly conquered 145kg for snatch. The world of mouth is that he was able to improve to 150kg before leaving to the European Championships in Berlin.

Haratyk seems to the kind of guy who like cleans better. And he might have a good reason for it. 170kg is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is quite difficult to compare two different exercise and we don't wanna speculate what is more important exercise for a shot putter. Guys like those two might be the judges of that. But in our judgment 145kg (allegedly 150kg) for snatch is more than 170kg for clean. Therefore...

Winner: Stanek

It is as close as it can be. But by the smallest difference. With score 2:1, by our standards Stanek is the STRONGEST athlete of the team Europe.

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