It’s over. The European Championship 2018.

It’s over. The European Championship 2018.

The Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships due to finish on Sunday have been the “best ever,” according to European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen.

What was the view at throwing events?

Well, we saw a change of one generation in some events, we saw awesome performances and breathtaking results. What’s more, we saw the battle of two thrower’s nations – Germany and Poland.

Guess, who won this battle?

Let’s try to make a conclusion, very briefly. We would distinguish throwing events into two groups.

The first group – shot put and hammer throw – it belongs to Poland. Silver and gold medal in shot put thanks to Konrad Bukowiecki and Michal Haratyk says, who is leading the European flag at the Continental Cup in Ostrava. But! The Czech Republic as a host country took its right and will nominate Tomas Stanek who placed fourth in Berlin. Two athletes from one country cannot represent at the Continental Cup.

Michal Haratyk GOLD MEDAL

At the women’s side of the event, again Polish Paulina Guba won over the German Christina Schwanitz. Both of these ladies should be in Ostrava defending European colors.

Polish athletes also took their sovereignty over hammer throw. Wojciech Nowicki took his first European title accompanied by his fellow Pawel Fajdek. Traditionally strong were Hungarians who were represented by Bence Halasz taking bronze. The women’s part was occupied also by two Polish. Anita Wlodarczyk won with a huge lead over 4 meters (78,94). The second placed French Alexandra Tavernier and with the bronze taking Polish Joanna Fiodorow. The first two ladies should be competing in Ostrava too.

Wojciech Nowicki GOLD MEDAL

On the other hand, javelin throw was in Germans hands. The biggest expectations went to Thomas Rohler, who confirmed predictions and won the gold, Andreas Hoffman took the silver followed by Estonian Magnus Kirt with the bronze.

Thomas Rohler GOLD MEDAL

Women’s victory in javelin belonged to German Christine Hussong, who established new European leading mark, new Championship record and also her Personal Best equal to 67,90. Congratulations!

Nikola Ogrodnikova from the Czech Republic won her first adult’s medal and Liveta Jaisunaite took the bronze. Nikola Ogrodnikova will compete in her hometown – Ostrava – together with Christine Hussong.

The last event, which we want to summarize is the discus throw.

Discus is a kind of exception. The winner is the beast from Lithuania with his very good 68.46m. The second was also an athlete form the North of the Europe – the Swedish Daniel Stahl (68,23m). And the third Austrian Lukas Weißhaidinger (65,14m).

Sandra Perkovic, the European leader has been kind of struggling during the competition until her fifth attempt, when she made 67,62m. This result ensured her the victory and she could celebrate her fifth European title. Two Germans placed second - Nadine Müller – and the third Shanice Craft.

According to medal battle, Polish as well as Germans (2-3-2) collected seven medals each, even though Polish team was more successful with its score (4-2-1).

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