Slightly confused spectators and some upset athletes. Continental cup 2018 day one

Slightly confused spectators and some upset athletes. Continental cup 2018 day one

Golden Spike in Ostrava has always been on the top of the list of every fan and athlete. It ought to be the same way also today, but testimonies of some athletes showed us weaknesses of this competition. Even though the weather was great and it should be even better tomorrow, we could see some sour faces or at least small surprises. Despite the fact special and very unathletic rules of throwing and horizontal jumps events has been announced long time ago, they rose a lot of discussions. No matter what it took, here are some comments of athletes. The first of them is the discus thrower Fedrick Dacres who even did not know new rules applicated for Continental Cup and which was eventually his biggest luck:

Fedrick Dacres was so confused by the rules he almost lost because of it

One of the interesting moments came when a sprinter had to give a helping hand to his colleague in discus case

Another case which showed a general outrage came up on Instagram already before the competition, where Ryan Crouser criticised new rules in his comment. We should emphasised that the Continental Cup is not in fact a team competition as it looks like. Your primary goal is to eliminate your “teammate” in the first three rounds. Athletes can’t either push out of their heads the fact, that the prize money are quite high and this fact plays on their nerves like the strings on the guitar.

Apparently, he called it up, when he threw 21.63 in the first series, but he was surpassed by Brazilian Darlan Romani who advanced to semi final rounds and went successfully through fourth and final round.

The winner of the hammer throw competition DeAnna Price was at least delighted, that she has beaten her long time role model Anita Wlodarczyk from Poland. Even though she could hardly express her fantastic feelings from this significant victory, she doesn’t think, the rules of Continental Cup should cross the fence of Ostrava Athletic Stadium.

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