Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Meisu Li China China 17/4/1959 21.76m 0
Xinmei Sui China China 29/1/1965 21.66m 0
Zhihong Huang China China 7/5/1965 21.52m 0
Liuhong Zhang China China 16/1/1969 20.54m 0
Yuzhen Cong China China 22/1/1963 20.47m 0
Lijiao Gong China China 24/1/1989 20.43m 2
Tianhua Zhou China China 10/4/1966 20.4m 0
Wenhua Zhen China China 18/3/1967 20.06m 0
Xiaoyan Cheng China China 30/11/1975 20.02m 0
Ling Li China China 7/2/1985 19.95m 0
Yawen Wang China China 23/8/1973 19.89m 0
Zhiying Zhang China China 19/7/1973 19.77m 0
Shuqin Zhou China China 1/1/1968 19.66m 0
Wei Wang China China 28/1/1967 19.58m 0
Xiaoyun Li China China 11/7/1971 19.47m 0
Meiju Li China China 3/10/1979 19.38m 0
Xin Yu China China 23/2/1977 19.32m 0
Xianchun Wu China China 1/2/1972 19.27m 0
Xiangrong Liu China China 6/6/1988 19.24m 0
Hongxia Xie China China 5/4/1970 19.22m 0
Yang Gao China China 1/3/1993 19.2m 0
Fengfeng Li China China 18/1/1979 19.13m 0

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