Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Natalia Lisovskaya Soviet Union Soviet Union 16/7/1962 22.63m 1
Ilona Slupianek Germany Germany 24/9/1956 22.45m 1
Helena Fibingerová Czech Republic Czech Republic 13/7/1949 22.32m 1
Christina Schwanitz Germany Germany 24/12/1985 20.77m 4
Michelle Carter United States United States 12/10/1985 20.63m 1
Lijiao Gong China China 24/1/1989 20.43m 2
Ilke Wyludda Germany Germany 28/3/1969 20.23m 4
Raven Saunders United States United States 15/5/1996 19.76m 2
Paulina Guba Poland Poland 14/5/1991 19.39m 2
Danniel Thomas-Dodd Jamaica Jamaica 11/11/1992 19.36m 1
Aliona Dubitskaya Belarus Belarus 25/1/1990 19.14m 1
Fanny Roos Sweden Sweden 2/1/1995 18.68m 1
Melissa Boekelman Netherlands Netherlands 11/5/1989 18.66m 1
Sara Gambetta Germany Germany 18/2/1993 18.46m 1
Klaudia Kardasz Poland Poland 2/5/1996 18.3m 2
Viktoryia Kolb Belarus Belarus 26/10/1993 18.16m 1
Sophie Mckinna Great Britain Great Britain 31/8/1994 17.76m 2
Ischke Senekal South Africa South Africa 8/1/1993 17.56m 1

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