Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Barbora Špotáková Czech Republic Czech Republic 30/6/1981 72.28m 1
Mariya Abakumova Russia Russia 15/1/1986 71.99m 1
Olisdeilys Menéndez Cuba Cuba 14/11/1979 71.7m 1
Sunette Viljoen South Africa South Africa 6/10/1983 69.35m 1
Huihui Lyu China China 26/6/1989 67.69m 3
Tatsiana Khaladovich Belarus Belarus 21/6/1991 67.47m 2
Martina Ratej Slovenia Slovenia 2/11/1981 67.16m 2
Shiying Liu China China 24/9/1993 67.12m 1
Kara Winger United States United States 10/4/1986 66.67m 3
Christin Hussong Germany Germany 17/3/1994 66.41m 2
Madara Palameika Latvia Latvia 18/6/1987 66.18m 1
Nikola Ogrodníková Czech Republic Czech Republic 18/8/1990 65.61m 2
Kelsey-Lee Roberts Australia Australia 21/9/1991 64.57m 1
Sigrid Borge Norway Norway 3/12/1995 63.28m 2
Liveta Jasiūnaitė Lithuania Lithuania 26/7/1994 61.61m 1
Alexie Alais France France 9/10/1994 60.59m 1
Irena Šedivá Czech Republic Czech Republic 19/1/1992 60.51m 1
Krista Woodward Canada Canada 22/11/1984 60.15m 1
Jo-Ane Van-Dyk South Africa South Africa 3/10/1997 57.32m 1

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