Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Zheng Wang China China 14/12/1987 77.68m 0
Wenxiu Zhang China China 22/3/1986 77.33m 0
Na Luo China China 8/10/1993 75.02m 0
Tingting Liu China China 29/10/1990 73.06m 0
Yinghui Liu China China 29/6/1978 72.51m 0
Yuan Gu China China 9/5/1982 72.36m 0
Wei Zhao China China 27/1/1979 70.67m 0
Wang Lu China China 22/12/1991 69.39m 0
Shuai Hao China China 19/7/1987 69.37m 0
Ni Yan China China 7/2/1993 68.56m 0
Meiping Yang China China 23/10/1981 68.09m 0
Xiaoyan Liao China China 8/1/1987 67.78m 0
Tingting Lu China China 10/2/1998 67.65m 0
Qiaoyu Yang China China 14/9/1985 66.77m 0
Mengyuan Zhou China China 3/9/1999 66.57m 0
Li Zhang China China 13/3/1993 66.26m 0
Xiaoxue Li China China 1/11/1980 65.67m 0
Yang Wang China China 8/1/1989 65.67m 0
Wenjiang Zhao China China 10/7/1981 65.29m 0

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