Name Country Date of Birth Personal Best Number of videos
Ilke Wyludda Germany Germany 28/3/1969 74.56m 4
Ellina Zvereva Soviet Union Soviet Union 16/11/1960 71.58m 4
Sandra Perković Croatia Croatia 21/6/1990 71.41m 6
Denia Caballero Cuba Cuba 13/1/1990 70.65m 2
Mette Bergmann Norway Norway 9/11/1962 69.68m 1
Dani Stevens Australia Australia 26/5/1988 69.64m 1
Yaimé Pérez Cuba Cuba 29/5/1991 69.19m 4
Gia Lewis-Smallwood United States United States 1/4/1979 69.17m 2
Nadine Müller Germany Germany 21/11/1985 68.89m 2
Nicoleta Grasu Romania Romania 11/9/1971 68.8m 3
Olga Chernyavskaya Russia Russia 17/9/1963 68.38m 1
Yang Chen China China 10/7/1991 67.03m 1
Shanice Craft Germany Germany 15/5/1993 65.88m 1
Xinyue Su China China 8/11/1991 65.59m 1
Claudine Vita Germany Germany 19/9/1996 65.15m 2
Andressa De-Morais Brazil Brazil 21/12/1990 65.1m 3
Jade Lally Great Britain Great Britain 30/3/1987 65.1m 1
Ashley Whitney United States United States 18/2/1989 64.8m 2
Valarie Allman United States United States 23/2/1995 64.69m 1
Dragana Tomašević Serbia Serbia 4/6/1982 63.63m 1
Liliana Ca Portugal Portugal 5/11/1986 61.02m 1
Alexandra Emilianov Moldova Moldova 19/9/1999 60.24m 1
Daisy Osakue Italy Italy 16/1/1996 59.72m 1
Ischke Senekal South Africa South Africa 8/1/1993 56.86m 1
Chioma Onyekwere Nigeria Nigeria 20/3/1994 56.68m 1

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