Will Polish girls conquer the hammer throw throne?

Will Polish girls conquer the hammer throw throne?

When you are talking about women’s hammer throw, the name Anita Włodarczyk should immediately come up on your mind. Also, during today’s qualification, that was her, who shot the best result and could save the energy for the final.

What did Anita say after the qualification?

“I still have very vivid memories on 2009 and also on ISTAF when I managed to throw the world record at the time. But it is very hard for me to predict the results in the final because my season is full of ups and downs. I had some very weak throws this season, but I have the signs that I should be able to throw 80 m. It is possible that the whole podium will be Polish. I wish we can manage it with our girls.”

Generally speaking, Polish athletes showed again their strong and solid throwing potential when Jolana Fiodorowa also passed the qualification standard equal to 70 meters and will accompany her experienced mate Anita to the Sunday’s final. The third Polish competitor at the hammer throw final will be Malwina Kopron, who passed the qualification limit by 1,14 meter (71,14m).

Azerbaijan’s rising star Hanna Skydan scored her SB with 74,02 m and can be very pumped up before the weekend. She expressed her feelings in the interview: “The 74m is a very good result for me because I have had a very difficult season. I had some technical issues and only in the last weeks, I finally found my shape. I hope it will even improve and I will add some meters in the final. My goal is the medal, but I know that the Polish girls are very strong. If God helps me, I will make it. I just arrived two days ago so I did not have much time to explore Berlin. I just saw it on the bus and I liked it so much. I hope to come back maybe for some holiday.”

Looking into the crystal bowl, we can expect again a Polish dominance as we have already seen during men’s shot put and hammer throw.

This Polish trio will be chased for sure by another good thrower from Belarus Hana Malyshik, who performed 72,39m by her first attempt. “It was all about the qualification today and we just need to wait how it goes later. The conditions are OK, all went well. Let’s talk after the final, “Hana expressed very clearly. And the last thrower who surpassed the qualification standard was French Alexandra Tavernier with the very confident result 72,88m.

From a fan’s point of view, we can expect a very exciting final, not just because of the great throwers, but because of the weather conditions. Today, the weather has changed, and the temperature dropped by 10 degrees followed by a fresh wind and light rain. Who can say with the certainty, that he can throw the furthest and dance in the rain? We will see it on Sunday at 19:30.

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