Shot Putters - how strong they can be? Bench-press!!!

Shot Putters - how strong they can be? Bench-press!!!

Many of throwers, bodybuilders, strongmen and fitness guys challenge themselves in a gym. Many of them use social media as a spying tool to search for their rivals’ results, performances and PBs. Let’s compare three of them – Tomas Stanek, Konrad Buckowiecki and Stipe Zunic on their bench press marks.

Tomas broke his PB on 22th of May by 250 kg (551 lbs) and since that time he has been keeping his strength on the top level. He also challenged himself in the last training camp in Domazlice 10 days ago, where he was so powerful, that he has bent a bar loaded by 240 kg.

Tomas Stanek 250kg bench-press in preparation to European Championships 2018

Another “Hulk”, who is certainly not afraid to lift weights is Konrad Bukowiecki from Poland. He challenged himself also by 250kg in the end of June and no matter how young he is, he is going to be a significant threat for others! He is also very strong on his squat and clean.

Konrad Bukowiecki 250kg bench-press with quite a pad. Well let's call it semi-250kg attempt.

Last guy who especially surprised us in the last World Championship with his bronze medal is Stipe Zunic. He performed in the very beginning of this year 220 kg by 5 reps. You can just guess what his MAX is, but he is also very confident with lifting. He graduated from University of Florida, which can tell us that his training was largely based on lifting a lof of weights.

Certainly an interesting angle to take the video was chosen.

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Those are the results from the gym, but the technique is another chapter.

I hope these guys mentioned above will confirm their qualities this night and you can see them in the final tomorrow.


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