Shocking discus qualification!

Shocking discus qualification!

Something extraordinary was happening during men's discus qualification. Nobody saw that coming and those who were watching had probably had time believing it. Current olympic champion Christoph Harting out! Defending european champion Piotr Małachowski out! Daniel Jasinski which was showing great stability of performances this season. Out as well! European medalist from couple years ago Robert Urbanek bites the dust as well.

With all those favorites out who made it out of qualification round? Daniel Stahl and Andrius Gudzius were the only two who confirmed what top list was saying and dealt with the qualification limit easily.

However some great news came from the qualification group A. Where the legend of the event Robert Harting showed he is not going to retire quietly and made it out of the qualification round with the fourth best mark of the group.

Something similar was happening in the qualification group B as well. The oldest thrower in the field Gerd Kanter didn't mean to wait for other and broke the line with his very first throw 64.18. Let's remember Gerd Kanter already celebrated his 39th birthday!!! Peak of his career came in Peking when he claimed the title of olympic champion at 2008!! And the whole decade later he still has no problem punching his way to final of a major athletic event in a single throw!!

On the very opposite end of age spectrum. The very first final at major event will experience Mykyta Nesterenko. A super start from junior categories who thought to be done maybe finding his way a better day again.

This was everything but boring qualification and we should see what the final has to offer!

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