Men's Shot Put and bets on the final

Men's Shot Put and bets on the final

All that we expected from German organizers, all happened during the shot-put qualification. Full standings, happy crowd with cheerful fans, loud music, that’s what made the shot-put qualification in Berlin great!

We could expect better results, meaning further throws from some of the throwers, but actually, all leaders and expected qualifiers made their job well.

ECH 2018 - Shot Put qualification round

The home star David Storl passed the qualification standard with his first attempt, so he could be satisfied, and German fans could be happy.

There were three other guys who surpassed the qualification standard (20,40m) with no significant obstacles – Stipe Zunic (20,61), Michał Haratyk (20,59) and Aleksandr Lesnoy (20,47).

All those guys confirmed the European standings released before the competition.

On the other hand, there were some exceptions, which drove some experts crazy. Konrad Buckowiecki struggled in the first qualifying round, where he managed 19,89 and was not quite sure if he would make the tomorrow’s finals. He had to undergo a long waiting for the second group, but he could relieve the stress in the end.

Also, the Czech thrower Tomas Stanek expected his performance smoother, when he failed his first attempt and managed his best result in the second round (19,77) which was way too far from his expectations.

We can look forward to the final battle tomorrow. Who could be the next European champion?

According to European Athletics website, we can just guess, whose words express better feeling before the final battle. David Storl is at home, in his capital, in front of German people. But Michal Haratyk says:” My preparation involved a lot of rest, so I could focus on this particular competition. I am definitely ready to fight although David has an advantage of having the support of his home crowd. I am a little nervous about the final as this is a strange setting for me. Today, we competed here in town, but tomorrow, the final will take place in the stadium which I have only visited once before. Even though I am ready to throw 22m, I feel my teammate, Konrad, could be my strongest opponent.”

Well, well, well.. Shot put final is in the air.

You will see the battle tomorrow at 20:33. The battle of the next European Champion.

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