Men's Discus final. The end of a great era.

Men's Discus final. The end of a great era.

Nine years ago a sensational throw, personal best, in the last round made Robert Harting a discus throw star. His already great career jump to a whole new level when he in front of Berlin spectators claimed the title of Discus World Champion. And yesterday everybody knew he will write the final chapter of his career.

This final was everything but boring. Cyprus Apostolos Parellis surprised everybody with new season best and for quite some time it looked like he may be reaching for one of the medals. In the first half of the competition Daniel Stahl was strugeling. After faul in the first round he threw over 68m in the round number two. Couple moments later the throw was reviewed and on the scoreboard appeared another cross for Stahl. One of the favorites was in serious trouble with one throw left to make his way among the best eight.

Meanwhile Robert Harting and Gerd Kanter were improving throw by throw and it looked like it is going to be between those two legends who will bring home the bronze medal. I think we would have hard time to find anybody who would not wish them this success.

Unfortunately for them Daniel Stahl and then Lukas Weisshaidinger improved. Stahl was holding gold medal position for the majority of the second half of the competition, but in the very last round Andrius Gudzius managed to find the best throw of the night and by couple centimeters claimed title of European Champion. Completing a valuable World 2017 and European 2018 champion double.

It was great and thrilling final. But for me it kinda had a sad taste. Not only because Robert Harting at his home stadium had to say goodbay without a medal, but because it feels like the end of a great era. If we look back in history for great discus champions we will find throwers who were superior athletes in every way. Lars Ridel, Virgilijus Alekna and now Robert Harting which is about to be done. Strong, fast, dynamic, athletic. Those are the words which describes them best. Great athletes overall! If we look at the medalist trio today we see bunch of dudes who look like they would get a heart-attack if they had run the victory lap. Commercial for high blood pressure. Don't take me wrong. Their performances are extraordinary. The goal of discus throw is to throw far and they are the best now. It is just me for whom it will be hard to watch world of discus throw without Alekna and now also without Harting

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