ECH Women javelin final

ECH Women javelin final

Another discipline, where German throwers confirmed the German word of wisdom “wenn schon den schon”. If you do something, that do it! And go all out!

Why? Christin Hussong killed immediately the hopes for gold for the rest of the field and with the magnificent throw 67,90m overwrote the European Leading, Championship record and of course her Personal best mark. How did she explain this? “All season I knew that I am in super shape, but I could not put it onto the javelin. I wanted a medal, but now that this medal is a gold one, that is so super! I was afraid that this SB in the qualification had only been an exception. But now I even managed to improve that. Seeing the German javelin throwers excel yesterday evening really inspired and motivated me. Suddenly, you also want to have a celebration and an experience like them. A lot of people said that I was not able to throw far at a major adult competition and in a big stadium, but I proved the contrary tonight. Despite all the pressure I was able to execute well. This is my first major international title and I won it in my home stadium.”

That was really an outstanding entrée to the javelin women’ s competition. Nobody was even able to come closer and try to jeopardize her. Sure, it was not the only thrilling moment of the competition. The silver Nikola Ogrodnikova from the Czech Republic showed her consistency through the whole season and 61,85m result spoke into her cards. She kind of struggled through the middle of the competition due to the calf’s cramps, but her last attempt 61,81m confirmed her first adult’s javelin European medal. After the final, she just could not believe her eyes, “Is this just a dream or it is real? Only now, I am starting to realize that I really won a medal. After the last attempts, I felt a lot of positive energy and a huge relief. It is coming in some kind of waves. When I saw my friends supporting me, I felt very emotional. Comparing to yesterday, I was much more confident and focused. I had this fighting mood. I came here for a medal. I started with the memory that I did not manage it well last year but that I will put all the effort today and I show what is in me. I collected a lot of experiences at the Diamond League and major meetings and it also helped me a lot.”

The bronze medal took Lithuanian Livet Jasiunaite with the best result from the fourth series – 61,59m. She also was very delighted with her life-best result saying this: “I feel great. The competition was very intense, but I think I was blessed with some good fortune which helped me winning this medal. Of course, this is also the result of all the hard work I put in every day. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. My next goal is to be invited to take part in the Diamond League finals, and, also to be at a good performance level at the World Championships next year.”

Those were three European medalists, but nevertheless there were still two experienced athletes waiting in the shadows. With the fourth place Martina Ratej with 61,41 and the fifth Tatsiana Khaladovich with her 60,92. You really could not know, when they would go ahead. But it did not happen in the end.

Czech fans could be happy from Irena Sediva who achieved her first European final with a solid result 59,76m. Two times NCAA Champion showed, that every NCAA athlete is the European finalist. At least like this.

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