ECH 2018 Men's Shot Put qualification

ECH 2018 Men's Shot Put qualification

European Championship is back to Germany after long 16 years, last held in Munich 2002. Meanwhile, the World Championship took place in Berliner Olympic Stadium in 2009. You will see a thrilling opening qualification tomorrow. Breitsheidplatz square will be a great place for the big shot put, guys. Who was the most successful European shot putter of all times? Who is the most likely to be a new European champion? And who could be the surprise who might be waiting in the shadows? Keep reading this article and you can make your own guess in the end.

Qualifying round Group A starts tomorrow on Monday at 17:35 CET including spiky youngsters like BosnianPezer Mesud(SB 20.79), Croatian Filip Mihaljevic (SB 21.33), Russian Maksim Afonin (SB 20,80) and Polish guys, Konrad Buckowiecki (SB 21.06) and Jakub Szyszkowski (SB 20,68). According to the last standings, these guys should break the qualification standard of 20,40m.

Group B will start at 18:55 by two leading men from two leading nationalities. David Storl (SB 21.62) is competing on the home soil and you know how crazy and how far can German fans can go! The shot-put competitions in Gemany are the real deal parties which make shot put what it is! Moreover, David Storl has won the last three European Championships and and you can guess twice if he is wanting to break this tradition. Never mind how strong the Germans are, the European leader Michał Haratyk will definitely want to crash this party. As the only European guy over 22 meters this year (SB 22,08) could seem unbeatable, but you never know what can play into his rivals’ cards. An unexpected rain, a slippery ring, or and inattentive referee?

One of the massive and super-fast spinners is the Czech beast Tomas Stanek , who has been suffering with abdominal injury for the last couple of months, but now he is fully recovered and back in shape with his SB from Czech Nationals (21,52). The last man who shouldn’t miss the finals is the Croatian athlete Stipe Zunic (SB 21,36).

Tomas Stanek and his SB 21,52m at Czech National Championships 29th July 2018

There we go with some predictions for tomorrow’s qualification rounds. And now finally back to the history lesson - Who was the most successful European shot putter of all times?

The most successful European Champion is David Storl, that’s why the pressure released on him is achieving such high values. No matter what, its’ going to be another shot-put competition with stunning results on the European soil! Are you ready for the party?

Complete final entries are already available on EAA website as well as the official schedule .


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